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On the Spot created an anthology of improvised Film Noir stories from the 1940's and 50's called The Slow Fall Down in 2005 and later remounted its production in 2013. This Improvised theatrical show was a narrative based improv format that feature multiple stories happening under the same dark event happening in the fictional city much like graphic novel "Sin City."  However as Fans of the film Genre of the 1940's and 50's On the Spot's rooted a many of their improvised narratives on some of their favorite Film Noir movies such as "D.O.A, Double Indemnity," and "The Maltese Falcon."   the use of dark lighting and strong characters of the gerne

Images from the 2013 cast featuring (Rod Cachola, Adrea Valencia, Alissa Joy Lee, R Kevin Garica Doyleand Garrick Paikai.) and images from 2005 cast. featuring the cast of It's and Improv Show Charlie Brown. (Danel Verdugo, Rod Cachola, Garrick Paikai, and Shawn Thomsen.)

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